The History of the Tournament

First held in 1981 and now known as The Beachlands Victoria Open, it is the longest running Professional Golf Tour Event in Canada. In 1981 to 2008 the Open was played on a rotational basis on 3 outstanding golf courses. However in 2009 the Island Open Golf Society agreed to a contract with Uplands Golf Club that would provide host playing rights thru to 2013. The Society in October 2013 negotiated a contract with the Uplands Golf Club to see The Beachlands Victoria Open continue to be played there thru to 2016 and again has agreed to a contract in 2017 to run thru 2022.

The Beachlands Victoria Open is a week-long major event on the Victoria and Vancouver Island Sports calendar. The Open is a Major contributor to the Capital Regions Business and Tourism Sectors. It provides a showcase of golf in Victoria and supports amateur golf as well as Youth golf. The Open also enjoys the incredible support of all the local media. In addition, the Open is renowned for having the finest volunteers who are dedicated to making the Open the very best in Canada.

Presented by:Times Colonist
Sanctioned by the:PGA TOUR Americas
Conducted by:Island Open Golf Society
President: Bruce Hallsor
Media/Advertising: Keith Dagg
Pro Am: Sam Purdy
Finance: Randy Decksheimer
Marketing/Sponsorships: Keith Dagg
Facilities/Tour Relations: Bruce Hallsor
Signage: Bill Big Canoe
Monday Qualifier: Bill Big Canoe / Sylvie Martel
Hosting: John Savage
Volunteers: Jim Tighe
Youth Golf Clinics: Megan Woodland
Tournament Director: Bill Big Canoe
Charity:Salvation Army
Format:Format: Open: 72 holes – Field of 156 cut to low 60 plus ties after 36 holes

Tournament Course Record:
Cody Blick 60(29-31) in 2017
Andrew Roque 61(33 – 28) in 2012
Roger Sloan 61(31– 30) in 2010

General Manager: Simon Gatrell
Head Pro: Ian Stone
Superintendent : Brian Youell

Past Winners

Quebec City, QC
2022Uplands G. C. SCOTT STEVENS, Birmingham, AL
2021Uplands G. C.BLAIR BURSEY, Gander, Newfoundland
2020Uplands G. C. N/A due to COVID-19 cancellation
2019Uplands G. C. PAUL BARJON, Dumbea, New Caledonia
2018Uplands G. C.SAM FIDONE, Lufkin, Texas
2017Uplands G. C.MAX ROTTLUFF, Dusseldorf, Germany
2016Uplands G. C.ADAM CORNELSON, Langley, BC
2015Uplands G. C.ALBIN CHOI, Toronto, Ontario
2014Uplands G. C.JOSH PERSONS, Fargo, North Dakota
2013Uplands G. C.STEPHEN GANGLUFF, Marysville, Ohio
2012Uplands G. C.ANDREW ROQUE, Monterey Park, California
2011Uplands G. C. JOSE DE JESUS RODRGUEZ, Irapuato, Mexico
2010Uplands G. C. BROCK MACKENZIE, Yakima, Washington
2009Uplands G. C. BYRON SMITH, Rancho Mirage, California
2008Uplands G. C. DANIEL IM, Fullerton, California
2007Gorge Vale Golf Club SPENCER LEVIN, Elk Grove, CA
2006Royal Colwood G.C. MIKE GROB, Billings, Montana
2005Uplands G.C.CRAIG TAYLOR, Hunter River, PEI
2004Gorge Vale G.C.DAVID HEARN , Brantford, Ontario
2003Royal Colwood G.C. PATRICK DAMRON, Orlando, Florida
2002Uplands G.C.SCOTT HEND, Australia
2001Gorge Vale G.C.PAUL DEVENPORT, New Zealand
2000Royal Colwood G.C. JASON BOHN, Atlanta, Georgia
1999Uplands G.C.KEN DUKE, Little Rock, Arkansas
1998Cordova Bay G.C.JAY HOBBY, Ashburn, Georgia
1997Gorge Vale G.C.RICK TODD, Scarborough, Ontario
1996Royal Colwood G.C. ARDEN KNOLL, Yorkton, Saskatchewan
1995Uplands G.C.NORM JARVIS, Surrey, British Columbia
1994Cordova Bay G.C.MATT JACKSON, Bloomfield, Michigan
1993Gorge Vale G.C.BRANDT JOBE, Englewood, Colorado
1992Royal Colwood G.C. MIKE COLANDRO, Roslindale, Massachusetts
1991Cowichan G.C.RICK TODD, Scarborough, Ontario
1990Gorge Vale G.C.STEVE STRICKER, Edgerton, Wisconsin
1989Uplands G.C.KELLY GIBSON, New Orleans, Louisiana
1988Gorge Vale G.C.TODD ERWIN, Federal Way, Washington
1987Gorge Vale G.C.CRAIG PARRY, Kardiniya, Western Australia
1986Gorge Vale G.C.BOB PANASIK, Windsor, Ontario
1985Royal Colwood G.C. JEFF SANDERS, Portland, Oregon
1984Uplands G.C.CHARLES BOLLING, Rosemont, Pennsylvania
1981Glen Meadows G.C.DAVE BARR, Richmond, B.C.

PGA TOUR Americas Alumni on the PGA TOUR who played at The Beachlands Victoria Open

NamesYear PlayedBest Finish
Erik Barnes2013, 2014MC
Ryan Brehm2014T31 in 2014
Hayden Buckley2019T30 in 2019
Trevor Cone2016, 2017T9 in 2016
Corey Conners
Vince Covello2015T10 in 2015
Joel Dahmen2013, 2014T13 in 2014
Cameron Davis2017MC
Tony Finau2013T36
Michael Gligic2014, 15, 16, 17, 18T14 in 2017
Brent Grant
Ben Griffin2018MC
Kramer Hickok2017T25
Lee Hodges
Mark Hubbard2013T36
Mackenzie Hughes2013, 2015T28 in 2015
Phillip Knowles2019T39 in 2019
Hank Lebioda2016T28 in 2016
Adam Long2014T57 in 2014
Tyler McCumber2017, 2018T57 in 2018
Max McGreevy2017T42 in 2017
Taylor Moore20162nd in 2016
Matthew NeSmith2016, 2018MC
Andrew Novak2017T19 in 2017
C.T Pan
Taylor Pendrith2015, 17, 18, 19T10 in 2019
Chad Ramey2017T42 in 2017
Doc Redman20192 in 2019
Sam Ryder2014, 2015T7 in 2015
Robby Shelton2017T14 in 2017
Greyson Sigg2017, 2018, 2019T4 2018
Alex Smalley
J.J Spaun2013, 2015T8 in 2013
Sepp Straka
Adam Svensson2015T2
Nick Taylor2013T4
Ben Taylor2016MC
Trevor Webylo
Kyle Westmoreland
Aaron Wise
Dylan Wu2018, 2019T4 2018
Carson Young